Exploring AI-generated images as a fine art wedding photographer

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Ever since I saw a friend creating amazing surrealistic AI artwork, I was intrigued by AI generated images. As a wedding photographer, I didn’t think it would be something I would use for my work though. That was until I decided to experiment with AI to create film-like images. How closely can it replicate my photography style? The results? Mind-blowing.

All of the images you see in this post are generated with Midjourney, an AI tool to create images with text. The process involves providing detailed prompts, allowing AI to understand and recreate a specific vision. What struck me most was the incredible potential of AI in generating realistic and beautiful images. It does take time and effort to finetune the photo to make it more realistic and align with your style.

I discovered that the more detailed the prompt, the better the outcome, if you have a specific image in mind. On the other hand, if you have a general concept, you can let AI generate several options which then serve as a foundation for your creative process.

As a wedding photographer, technical knowledge of lighting, camera settings, but also of certain style wedding dresses, bouquets, etc. helped me in generating images that were close to what I would normally photograph.

Can AI eliminate styled shoots?

One significant advantage of using AI to generate photos is the ability to instantly create anything you can imagine. You’re no longer restrained by the need to plan, travel, coordinate with various vendors, to create a styled shoot. Of course, if your goal is to build your actual photography portfolio, you can’t use AI to replace a styled shoot. However, if you’re a wedding planner, for example, you no longer need a styled shoot to visualize your concepts. I think this is a very exciting use for AI generated photos in the wedding industry.

The question remains: How can a fine art wedding photographer leverage AI-generated images in a practical sense?

How can photographers use AI-generated images?

One exciting prospect is using these AI generated images for editorial and commercial purposes. We’re now able to create stunning visuals for magazine spreads, advertisements, or social media campaigns without the need for elaborate photoshoots. The efficiency and versatility of AI-generated images gives photographers new opportunities, if they’re willing to step into the realm of AI artists.

While I’m still exploring how I can use these AI generate images as a photographer, my experiment certainly has sparked my imagination. I find myself jotting down ideas whenever inspiration strikes, eagerly waiting for when I can generate them later with the magic of AI.

Whether we want it or not, technology will continue to advance, pushing boundaries between traditional art forms and AI. My experiment is just the beginning and I’m eager to see where this fusion of creativity and technology takes us next.



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