Peggy Porschen engagement photoshoot, London

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This Peggy Porschen engagement photoshoot is one that I was very excited about to shoot! If you’ve been following me for a while, you probably know that I’ve been going to London pretty often the past few years. I think it’s one of the most fun cities to explore and let’s be honest, if the flight is only 1 hour from Amsterdam, there’s no excuse not to go!

Imagine how happy I was when I found out I was going to shoot at Peggy Porschen Cakes for this styled engagement session! Peggy Porschen is definitely one of those places I always visit when I’m in London. The place is SO cute and of course I can’t say no to some red velvet cake!

Peggy Porschen engagement photosession
Chic couple clinking glasses in front of Peggy Porschen Cakes in London
Peggy Porschen engagement session with cake and drinks

I love how the photos turned out. Julie wore a chic dress from Marchesa and accessorized it with pearl earrings and a bow in her hair. It matched perfectly with the setting in front of Peggy Porschen cakes.

I think London is the perfect spot for an engagement session. There are so many more places I could imagine doing a photoshoot, like the pastel colored houses in Notting Hill, Portobello Road, the Tower Bridge, Covent Garden or with those iconic red telephone booths. If you’re planning to go to London for an engagement photoshoot, let me know!



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